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Given the dependence on small scale farming for food production and for food security domestically, regionally and globally and for its capacity to absorb labour, how small scale farming is supported, how (youth, urban farmers) respond to farming opportunities and whether farming including small scale farming and the evolving agri food sector can meet the aspiration of (small scale farmers, youth, urban farmers) will be critical for both future food security and employment.This calls for the need for agri – consultancy in the sector.

We Muddy Waters Limited and the experience of our technical team, are giving agri – consultancy to all the aspiring (small scale farmers, youth, urban farmers)useful and practical information relating to agricultural activities: Fertiliser management,Pesticide and bio pesticide management, soil and plant physiology management, modern technology in greenhouse management and hydroponics.

Muddy Waters Limited is gearing towards partnering with county governments through agricultural ministry for advisory services/ agri – consultancy to help county government achieve sustainable growth in agriculture.

Muddy Waters Limited wants to initiate action and strengthen farmer knowledge through agri – consultacy ┬áin an era of rapid change in the farming sector.

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