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Muddy Waters is a company based in Nairobi and registered under the company Act (cap .486). The company operates in the region, manned by highly qualified and experienced Technical teams, whose expertise in Landscaping, Indoor and outdoor Pest Control, Fumigation and Agri Consultancy is unmatched in the region.

At Muddy Waters we fuse your environment by creating focal points, creative space to entertain, make an entry point for sense and hiding the ugly to produce most creative sensual landscapes for homes, office environment, & commercial setups.

A push towards higher productivity requires an information based decision making agricultural system, we at Muddy Waters are offering a more critical and information based consultancy to help farmers manage risks, participate in higher value agriculture and improve their income. We are are a ‘’game changer ‘’ in modern agriculture.

Improvements in standards of domestic hygiene is essential to the achievement of a higher standard of living. By maintaining dwellings in good order, pests can be largely excluded. If you are looking for a reliable partner, no company is better qualified to serve your interests as Muddy Waters.

Our strength lies in a well trained partnership with vast experience carrying out landscaping, Agri-Consultancy and Pest Control & Fumigation. This is fully backed by years of experience in plant protection giving you healthy, shiny and pest free landscapes/environment. This has been possible through the total dedication to customer requirements, uncompromised follow up and Professional advice and such our customers are Never alone.
Our Mission:
To help our customers come up with Ideal Landscapes, Pest Free Homes, Farms by helping them find the best and most cost effective technical solutions matching their requirements.
Our Vision:
A framework for our Road map and guides every aspect of our business in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality
People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be
the best they can be.
Partners: Nurture a winning Network of customers and suppliers together we create mutual enduring value
Productivity: Be highly effective and fast moving organisation


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